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1. TopList runs in no-reset mode. All statistics is counted for last 7 days.
2. No rape, bestiality, warez, necro, incest & underage contents on your site. No links to sites with underage content.
3. We accept only sites in English. Submit only your own sites. No main page geo redirecting.
4. Send your traffic anyway (by blind links, consoles, etc), but I should be able to find links to this toplist or traffic direction script on your site.
5. Only one unchained exit console allowed. No entrance consoles. No consoles opening in the existing window, no delayed and hidden consoles.
6. No exploits, no viruses, no dialers with autodial on your sites. No timeout focuses or refreshes. No cheating. No other shit.
7. Don't capitalize every word in your description ("Best Porn Here. Only Free" - invalid, "Best porn here. Only free" - ok). No descriptions such "free gallery #1 free gallery #2 free gallery #3" - it must be be the connected sentence. No pseudographics on title & desc!
8. Accounts that are inactive for more than 14 days (2 weeks) will be removed from toplist.
9. If you'll break these rules your site will be removed without warning.

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